How Do I Arrange a College Visit?
How Do I Arrange a College Visit?
Pamela Gilliland
Thursday, October 27, 2016

The following information was included in an email that was forwarded to me.  It is presented so well, that I am copying it word for word for students and parents.  Unfortunately, I'm unsure of whom to give credit for the information.  

Much can be accomplished with a college visit or two.  Seniors are given two college days and juniors are allowed one.  I would suggest following the steps provided in this article to have the best experience with a college visit.

1.  Call the Admissions Office - the student should do this since he or she will be the one attending.

2.  Set up a  day to visit - some colleges have special "Visit Days" they may suggest you attend.  You both need to decide what you would prefer, a day in a small group to tour, or a day packed with freshman tour activities.

3.  Check with your School Counselor - many high schools will excuse a college visit or two but there is paperwork to do before you go so ask your school counselor about college visit requirements.

4.  Length can vary - you can set up a tour that is half day, full day, includes an overnight stay in the dorms, or is on a weekend.   It is up to you and when the college has available dates.

5.  Make sure the college is in session when you schedule your visit - it really does you no good to visit a college if the students aren't there.

6.  Arrange to tour the department of your major - maybe even set up a meeting with a professor.

Things you may want to experience on the visit:

*Tour the campus

*Tour the dorms - not just the nice, new ones either!  Make sure you see all your dorm options while visiting.

*Eat the cafeteria food - It should be delicious!

*Talk with someone who is an actual student and not your tour guide - tour guides know exactly what to say.  Talk to a regular student to get the real deal.

*Visit your Major's Department - You may have to schedule this way in advance and typically when you make this arrangement you can also sit in on a class and meet a professor or Teacher's Assistant.

*Drive around the town - become familiar with the life and activities around the town you may be living in for the next 4 years.