Parent Information-Missouri Assessment Program
  • Assessment is one way we ensure we are meeting children’s needs and help students determine whether or not they are meeting their educational goals. No matter if students plan to attend college or start training for promising careers after high school graduation, they deserve high expectations and a high quality education.
  • Assessments provide an objective yardstick to measure a child’s learning no matter where they live in the state.
  • Achieving proficiency helps ensure students graduate prepared for college, a career and/or the military.
  • Taking assessments is part of life. Assessments are required for entrance into the military and most four-year colleges. In many professions—from hairdressers to doctors— passing an assessment is required in order to earn a license. On the Standards in Missouri
  • Missouri continues using the current Missouri Learning Standards for all subjects for the 2015- 16 and 2016-17 school years.