Missouri State University - Springfield has announced several scholarship changes and deadline reminders that we would like for students and parents to be aware of.  The application for the Fall 2019 semester is open.  Students may apply on the school website at www.missouristate.edu.   The housing application will open on October 31 with an Early-Bird Housing Deadline of December 19.  Confirmation fees will have to be paid before a student is able to access the housing application.  The confirmation fee is refundable until May 1, 2019.  As a reminder, seniors must request a transcript to be sent by mail or email from  Mrs. Gilliland.  If the student has taken dual enrollment courses, they will need to also request an official college transcript to be sent to MSU - Springfield.

The scholarship program was restructured this summer.  The Presidential Scholarship ACT requirement is now a 31 instead of a 30.  The Automatic Scholarships are now based on a scale instead of specific requirements.  The February ACT test date will now be accepted for the Automatic Scholarships.  And, the Inclusive Excellence Scholarship no longer has an interview component.  Please remember to check out other scholarships that may be applied for through the university on their financial aid site.