The Department of Higher Education recently released more information about "Core 42."  This addresses concerns with transferring general education courses form one Missouri college to another in Missouri.  However,  private colleges/universities or those from out of state may choose to follow the guidelines, but are not required to.  The following information is taken from a release sent to Missouri counselors.  If you have more questions, please contact Mrs. Gilliland at Alton High School.

CORE 42 Segment for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

 School counselors play a central role in ensuring young Missourians understand their options when they graduate from high school. The CORE 42, or Higher Education Core Transfer Curriculum, was recently implemented by the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) and is an important program for counselors and students to be aware of.

 In short, the program is designed to make the process of transferring general education courses from one Missouri college or university to another public or participating independent institution, hassle-free. Requiring students to retake courses can increase time to graduation, may discourage students from continuing their education, and can increase the cost of earning a degree. Currently, the transfer guarantee applies to over 2,500 courses among Missouri’s public colleges and universities, with more on the way.

 To maximize the benefits of this program to students, MDHE advises the following:

1.      Work with students to understand their options. Some students may plan from the beginning to start at one college and transfer to another. Help students make smart decisions when transferring. Encourage them to talk to both institutions to make sure courses transfer seamlessly.

2.      Encourage students to explore the Course Transfer Tracker, a new tool where students can track courses they’ve already taken, identify courses they’re interested in, and learn how they can transfer credits from one institution to another institution. The tool also shows a student’s progress on their way to completing the CORE 42 general education requirements.

 Thousands of students transfer from one college to another each year. By making this process less of a hassle, we can help make higher education more accessible. We appreciate your help in spreading the word, and are happy to provide additional materials and guidance to support Missouri students.

 All of Missouri’s public colleges and universities are required to participate in CORE 42. Select independent institutions are also jumping on board.