A google classroom for each grade level in high school (7th-12th) has been created to provide important information to each student from the Counseling Office.  For instance, seniors have been receiving "assignments" in regards to many scholarship opportunities and even a message in regards to a job opportunity.  

Each student should have received an email on their school account asking them to accept an invitation in order to join the class. Once the student accepts the invitation, parents may also be invited to receive a weekly update on the information provided in the classroom if they choose.  

At this time, the seniors may be busier than most of the other grade levels.  However, as the year progresses, your child may receive information in regards to dual enrollment for next year, spring testing, and even scheduling for the next school year.  Mrs. Gilliland and the students may use the "live stream" to post reminders or ask questions that might be important to all students in that grade level.  However, students do need to remember that the "live stream" can be seen by all the students in their grade level.  If they have a question or issue that is personal, they may email Mrs. Gilliland via the school email.

If you have any questions in regards to the Counselor's Google Classrooms for Students, please feel free to contact Mrs. Gilliland.