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Alton High School

Alton High School, about 1 hour ago

9th - 11th Grade Students & Parents: Reminder that a dual enrollment informational meeting for the 2020-2021 school year will be next Wednesday, Feb. 26th at 5:30 in the HS Library. Please attend if you plan to take dual enrollment classes next year.

Alton High School

Alton High School, about 1 hour ago

Seniors & Juniors: Red Carpet Day to MSU this Friday, Feb. 21st. Permission forms were due this afternoon. If you've forgotten, bring it first thing Wednesday morning, Feb. 19th to Mrs. Gilliland!

Amanda Granger Bettis

Amanda Granger Bettis, about 8 hours ago

The seniors vs faculty basketball game. The most hype event of the school year! The faculty who ruled the courts back in their day? They’re gonna dominate. The varsity basketball team? They’re gonna be up and down the court dunking on the faculty before anyone knows what’s happening. Watch as the students take revenge for all the bad grades they’ve received over the years.😉 It’s gonna be intense! see pic

Alton Elementary School

Alton Elementary School, 4 days ago

Preschool was very blessed with balloons and gifts from our community partners. Thank you T+L Supported Living, and John and Jen Wilson!! see pic

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